Namaste and welcome to Surya Yoga

for everyone under the Sun



Honor the Body, Honor the Mind, Honor the Spirit at Surya yoga

Our Yoga classes/styles include:

Ashtanga, Gentle Yoga, Surya Vinyasa Flow, both heated and not, Kids Yoga, Mysore Style, Yin Yoga, and more. We also feature an Introduction to Yoga 4 week course for beginners. (Check our Class Descriptions page for full details on all of of our yoga styles.)

Surya is the sanskrit word for sun. Come shine with us and uncover your best, most authentic self through the practice of yoga. From challenging vinyasa flow to gentle yoga - we have a class for you.  

Whether you are new to the practice of yoga or you have been practicing for years, you will find our tranquil space an ideal spot to relax, practice yoga, meditate, study, and meet other like-minded people. The studio promotes an atmosphere of respect, kindness and compassion infused with upbeat energy and a joy for life.



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