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Saturday, October 18-19, 2014

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Saturday & Sunday, March 1 & 2, 2014
Four Sessions: $50 per session or
$175 for all four sessions if purchased together ON OR BEFORE FEB 18, 2014

tim feldmann

Join Tim Feldmann at Surya Yoga for a two day exploration of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga’s Primary Series.  In these four sessions you will learn:

  1. how to deepen your Primary Series practice,
  2. why you should start preparing for Intermediate Series,
  3. how to prepare for Intermediate Series, and
  4. what awaits you in the Intermediate Series physically, mentally, and energetically. 

Saturday, March 1   —    9 am - 11:30 am                
Understanding the Role of The Primary Series (2.5h)
We will use this classic practice session to discover how the physical, energetic and mental aspects of the Primary Series provide a solid foundation for moving ever deeper into your yoga practice.  Specifically, we will use the Primary Series to understand what awaits us in the Intermediate Series and beyond.  By understanding foundational mechanics, you will learn how to optimize your passage towards Intermediate Series by choosing where to focus your attention in your Primary practice. This class aims to give you the necessary tools to help you overcome the Primary Series hurdles that keep you from beginning, or getting deeper into, the Intermediate Series.

Saturday, March 1   —   1:30 - 3:30 pm  
Gateways To Nadi Shodhana (2h).
Primary series prepares us for the physical challenges in the Intermediate Series. As we stretch and strengthen our muscles and organs we find enhanced well-being leading to further trust in the positive effect this practice offers in our lives. Yet before we move on to the next level, Guruji requests particular movements to be readily available to ensure we receive the innate benefits of the practice while maintaining safe and healthy movement patterns. In this session you will learn which asanas form the 'gateways' into the next level as well as how to safely and methodically begin to work your body towards perfecting them. 

Sunday, March 2   —   8 am - 10 am              
Mysore Style Practice with adjustments and assists by Tim Feldmann.  You may practice Primary Series and/or Intermediate Series.

Sunday, March 2   —   12 pm - 2:30 pm 
Introducing Nadi Shodhana. 
In this final session of the weekend, we will take a look at the elements that define a successful approach to the Intermediate Series.  Nadi Shodhana means purification of the energy channels and as such it specifically targets the 'breath body'. Understanding the physical, mental and energetic targets of Nadi Shodhana strongly increases the ability to begin Intermediate Series in a safe and successful manner as this series challenges both flexibility and strength while teaching mastery of the nervous system. This session will present a selection of asanas from the Intermediate Series that will help you to prepare the foundational tools necessary to embody the lessons of Nadi Shodhana while giving you key insights into the play of Nadi Shodhana's finely tuned mechanics. 

About Tim Feldmann:  Tim Feldmann is founding director at Miami Life Center, www.miamilifecenter.com, which he runs with his wife, Kino MacGregor. He was set on the yoga path by his teacher Lino Miele and is Authorized to teach directly by the founder of the Ashtanga Yoga Method, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and his grandson, Sharath Jois. Tim is dedicated to Ashtanga Yoga’s traditional style.

Tim’s teaching integrates his extensive study of Alexander Technique and sitting meditation with 20 years of experience as a professional dancer and an internationally acclaimed choreographer - see www.timfeldmann.com. His in-depth knowledge of functional anatomy and alignment, as well as the idiosyncratic body and mind in stillness and in motion, creates the platform upon which his solid understanding of the Ashtanga method rests.

Tim is a cherished teacher giving workshops, retreats, classes and privates throughout Europe, India and the Americas.

tim feldmann tim feldmann



One Day Only!
Saturday, March 15, 2014
Three sessions available: $50 each for session 1 or 2; $30 for session 3
or $115 if all three are purchased together.
No discounts, no refunds.

9:30 - 11:00 am - Ashtanga Yoga Full Primary Series
Surrender to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method with careful emphasis on the traditional vinyasa method and have fun along the journey. Experience the integrity and purity of the Ashtanga Yoga practice and be prepared to sweat.

1:00 - 3:00 pm - Twist into Your Center
Deep twisting increases energy levels, cleanses the body and opens the mind to new levels of awareness. Find the perfect balance between activation and release in this new approach to twisting. Learn healthy technique to increase flexibility in your spine and shoulders while creating solid foundation in your pelvis. Use the core strength of the body to support the twisting and extension. You will have fun with many levels of twists and even use the twisting position to enter some challenging arm balances!

3:30 - 5:00 pm - Yoga Sutra Talk & Book Signing
Understanding the Yoga Sutras: the Spiritual Journey of Asana

Yoga is a daily practice that demands our full devotion before we can begin to even scratch the surface of its deeper meaning as a lifelong spiritual path. Kino leads you through a discussion of key elements of the sacred, foundational text of yoga, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Rather than a historical account Kino integrates yoga philosophy with daily asana practice and modern life. Written more than 2,000 years ago the teaching of Patanjali is composed of 195 Sutras organized in four books and holds the essence of the eight-limbed path of Asthanga Yoga. By exploring the basis of physical yoga postures and methodology for spiritual learning in the Yoga Sutras you will delve deeper into the process of self-realization, the true intention of all hatha yoga.

Kino MacGregor is an international yoga teacher, author of two books, producer of six Ashtanga Yoga DVDs, writer, vlogger, world traveler, co-founder of Miami Life Center (www.miamilifecenter.com) and founder of Miami Yoga Magazine (www.miamiyogamagazine.com). Her YouTube channel reached more than 2 million views within the last year (www.youtube.com/kinoyoga). She is one of a select group of people to receive the Certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga by its founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India and practices through the Fourth Series of Ashtanga Yoga.

Without any background in movement training Kino MacGregor tried her first yoga class when she was nineteen. Three years later, she joined Govinda Kai’s Mysore-style classes in New York City and became a dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioner. After seven months of traditional Ashtanga practice Kino traveled to Mysore, India to meet her true teacher, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (“Guruji”). Upon her return she began real self-practice by practicing alone and devoting herself entirely to the study and teaching of Ashtanga yoga. After seven years of consistent trips to Mysore, at the age of 29, she received from Guruji the Certification to teach Ashtanga yoga and has since worked to pass on the inspiration to practice to countless others.

kino     kino